Vector Space Biosciences is accelerating discovery for the benefit of all humankind.

We're enhancing the interpretation of biological research by detecting hidden relationships to accelerate discoveries, innovation, and our understanding of the world and cosmos.

The Challenge

Working towards biological, material, and chemical solutions to combat the effects of radiation and microgravity during deep and extended space exploration is a requirement for the space industry to meaningfully move beyond low earth orbit (LEO).

The Solution

Enhance the interpretation and understanding of relationships within space bioscience research through language modeling, real time visualizations, and a network of leading scientific collaborators to inform and shape work in the field.

The Purpose

Advancements and innovations in space biosciences that unlock access to deeper space exploration will also result in products and services on earth ranging from therapies for diseases such as cancer through personalized medicine for all mankind.

Our technology

Hidden Relationships

Enhanced interpretations of biological research by detecting hidden relationships to accelerate discoveries and innovation.

Context Controlled

Deep analysis of global trends in peer-reviewed, published, scientific papers, as well as in patents, news, internet data, and research.

Real-time at scale

Information is processed as it's published from leading and widespread news and publishing sources.

Proven and published

Algorithms based on variants on patent success within advanced NLP/NLU (Natural Language Processing / Natural Language Understanding) and ML (Machine Learning) applications.

Scientific Collaborators